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signature line for their e-mail: "Windows 95 equals Mac 1986"; but with much of the legal world using some version of Windows, you might have some specific need to run a Windows application. You don't have to buy a second computer to take advantage (?) of Windows 95 or Windows 98 applications! Just install SoftWindows 95 or Softwindows 98 ( http://www.insignia.com/softwindows/)on your Power Macintosh and start running any Windows 95 or 98 application right alongside Power Mac applications.

Want more choice? With Connectix Virtual PC[TM], (http://www.connectix.com/html/connectix_virtualpc.html),you can run the latest PC software-business, entertainment, Internet, and home applications - right on your Mac. And Virtual PC can run the full range of PC DOS® and IBM OS/2® and others. As their slogan says, "You can keep the Mac you loveand run PC software you need".

If you work in the Windows world and need to run Macintosh software on a PC, Gemulator 98 ( http://www.emulators.com/)is a Macintosh emulator for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0, which runs the real Mac OS and Macintosh programs directly from your Macintosh disks. You can run Macintosh programs directly on your PC, Once Gemulator 98 is installed on your PC, you can insert a Macintosh formatted disk or CD and boot it up! You can copy Macintosh to your PC's hard drive, and even read Macintosh formatted SCSI devices such as CD-ROMs, ZIP disks, and external Macintosh hard drives.

Opening PC generated documents on your Mac is also simple with a conversion program such as MacLinks Plus (http://www.dataviz.com/). This program is now included with Mac OS 7.6 and Mac OS 8.x . Just click on any icon representing a non-Mac document and MacLinks Plus presents you with a dialogue box suggesting a series of programs, which can open and convert the document to a readable, usable Mac format. The dialogue box neatly notes those programs which can translate directly and those which require MacLinks Plus help. Just click on the appropriate choice and your non-Mac document opens.

I have used Corel's WordPerfect for the Mac 3.5.3 as my main word processor. ( http://www.corel.com/products/Macintosh/wpmac35/). I have had no problem opening WordPerfect documents created on DOS or Windows machines, which I may receive from other offices or agencies as