My Yahoo! allows you to organize your favorite and most used features at
one, personalized url. You need only enter one url and sign in with your
user ID and password. For example, I organize My Yahoo! with the local
weather, my calendar and notepad, legal news from, all of my
other news clipping services, and my Yahoo! Mail. My Yahoo! is my
virtual office in cyber space. Of course, just like any “real” office, I have
added tech news, my diet menu, sports scores, stock reports, political
cartoons, the local television cable listings, online events, etc. You get the

The latest tech news reports indicate that Yahoo! will be beta testing
applications such as a web-based word processor. You will not need any
applications on your own computer. You may not even need a computer;
but merely, any internet-connected device to take advantage of the
applications provided by Yahoo! Early reports are that there will be a
charge for this application service. I eagerly await this addition to my
virtual office.

Leonard E. Sienko, Jr. is a sole practitioner with a “real” Sienko Law Office in Hancock, N.Y. and a
virtual office at

He was/is a charter member of the NYLaw Net Committee and the Electronic Communications Task
Force of the New York State Bar Association. Sienko is the author of “E-Mail Encryption Made Easy”
from the Internet Guide For NY Lawyers, the latest revision of which can be found at:

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