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Delaware County Bar Association Members
On-Line Directory

Monica Carrascoso

Victor Carrascoso

Delaware County Department of Social Services

Fairbairn Law PC

Lauren Cady Glynn (f/k/a/ Carlson)

Gary Grayson

Harlem & Harlem

James M. Hartmann

Peter W. Hill

John Hubbard

Paul Madison

McKeegan & McKeegan

Erin J. Neale

Larisa Obolensky

Daniel O'Leary

Rosemarie Richards, Esq.

Jacob M. Sackett

Schimmerling Law Office

Donald J. Schwartz

Leonard E. Sienko, Jr.

Law Office of David S. Smith

Law Office of Jerald M. Stein

Mathew B. Tully

Andrew H. Van Buren

Carly Walas, Esq.

Francis Wood

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Delaware County Bar Association Officers

President-- Carly Walas, Esq.
P.O. Box 429
Delhi New York 13753
(607)-746-2333 Telephone

Attorney Grievances

The Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection of the State of New York

Committee on Professional Standards
P.O. Box 7013
Capitol Annex Station
Albany, NY 12225
(518) 474-8816

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